Worser Bay Boating Club 12 Sept. 2015. First race of new season

A cold southerly greeted the intrepid sailors for the first race of the new season. One long race only today with all classes starting together. We take special note of the Zephyrs’ “race within a race.”


Visit the club at:
www.wbbc.org.nz & https://www.facebook.com/WorserBayBoatingClub

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Wellington Zephyrs in action 25 Oct. 2014

Fun in the sun at Worser Bay, Wellington.

Zephyrs, Sunbursts, Lasers, a Finn, Skiffs and a 420 on the water.


For more information visit: www.wbbc.org.nz  ~ Worser Bay Boating Club.

Filmed and edited by Philip Garside.

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Pure sailing pleasure!

Zephyrs sailors and their friends in other classes enjoyed perfect conditions for the Worser Bay Boating Club opening day – 14 September 2013.

For more information visit: www.wbbc.org.nz  ~ Worser Bay Boating Club.

Filmed and edited by Philip Garside.

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Zephyr early history – 312 Spirit Wind & 314 Choral

Click for slideshow of Zephyr early history - 312 Spirit Wind & 314 Choral

Click for slideshow of Zephyr early history – 312 Spirit Wind & 314 Choral

Zephyrs 312 Spirit Wind (1980) and 314 Choral (1981) hulls were both built in Ray Frost’s workshop in Christchurch from the South Island mould, and finished by Max Cullen at home. Heather and sister Angela helped Ray by pulling out 100s of staples between the laminated layers.

Max and daughter Heather were both long term members of Mt Pleasant Yacht Club on the Heathcote/Avon Estuary in Christchurch. They started sailing together in a Sunburst in 1971, diverged into OK and Starling, then were delighted to sail alongside each other again in the new Zephyrs!

312 followed Heather to Wellington in the 1980s for a short stint at Evans Bay Y&MBC, before returning to Christchurch for holiday sailing only.

In late 2010 Franklin boat builders in Christchurch checked her over and made her watertight, after a bit too long under the tarpaulin at Heather’s family home. 312 returned to Wellington for the 2011/12 season and is now regularly sailing at Worser Bay BC.

We’d love to show photos and hear the histories of other Zephyrs too!
Email Philip Garside books@pgpl.co.nz

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Zephyr Nationals Dec 1985 – Jan 1986 at Mt Pleasant YC, Christchurch

Nationals 1985-86 - were you there?

Nationals 1985-86 – were you there?

Max Cullen (314) used a timer and tripod to take this photograph and just missed getting back into shot!

Do you recognise yourself or other sailors?

 Please comment!

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Fizzing at the Bung! – 23 March 2013

A thoroughly exciting day sailing Saturday. Different course than the standard northerly layout we usually have which made the racing all the more interesting. The Junior Regatta was using the leeward end of the bay whilst we raced north into Scorching bay using the outer start mark as the leeward mark of the sausage course. Nine wonderful Zephyrs reveled in the beautiful conditions of a typical Wellington Breeze.

The first race was closely fought with Baloo and Wild Card battling the down wind to the finish line in the fresh breeze. Baloo, full of enthusiasm for the spray and speed created the big splash and allowed the Wild Card through for a well deserved first. Great recovery though to get up and go again. Wild Card’s release of the forestay further than usual made his boat easier to sail and a hell of a lot faster, great work finding the sweet spot. So much so that the Wild Card was a contender in race 2 at the top the beats.

Weta also kept close to the leaders just waiting for the odd mistake and make his break to the front, close, very nearly.

Go and Cushy Number started on the pin in a lovely right hander crossing the fleet in great style whilst the rest of us had to grovel out of the clubhouse corner on the unfavourable shift.

Go and Dances with Waves crossed tacks many times and some gentlemanly exchanges, dipping, bowing, but no curtsey, keeping the intensity of the racing at a high pitch.

Sixth Sense reveled in the fresh conditions sailing up wind legs to dream of but more than a little wet on the down wind corners.

Spirit Wind as usual braved the conditions and cruised around the course in the predictable style of an old sea dog (not appropriate really, she is not any of these)

Sparkles and 5toGO set a cracking pace in the first race starting with GO and the Cushy Number including some fancy boat handling. 5toGo made some basic rigging adjustments during the race, but not enough to break into the lead, this time. Cushy Number made a great job of covering Dances with Waves sailing fast and furious, in the stiff breeze. It was not until the second lap final race of boat on boat scrap, attack and defend, that Dances with Waves got a half length advantage only to almost loose it again on the next tack. Then the sprint to the finish… The duels going on around the course… Such is the closeness of racing in these wonderful little boats. The fun we have!!! even before we get into the clubhouse!

Great racing on a new part of the course and the big waves made the downwind “Dancing” really great fun. Watch the gybe at the bottom of the course though! Speed on, down the wave, pull the main over. Whoo hoo still alive !

Phil Williams – 502

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Tactical racing in light airs 2 March 2013


18 Zephyrs on the water at WorserBay in Race Two on 2 March 2013.

Very light winds made for an exciting, tense, tactical race.

Filmed onboard Dances with Waves – with running commentary by Phil Williams, who finished second behind Bubble.

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